19 Sensual, Magical, And Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts To Help You Reflect Over The Past Year

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19 Sensual, Magical, And Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts To Help You Reflect Over The Past Year

These are powerful journal prompts you can do at any time of the year, particularly they can be especially transformative when they are done at the end of the year.


* Where did I let things get out of and with my body?

* Did I take up space and fully ask for what I wanted or needed, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually & sexually?

* Did I let my beauty show even when I was tired, run-down, and stressed?

* Did I dim my light because I was tired?

* What did I most appreciate about my body and beauty this year?

* What needs to happen for me to fully step into my inner beauty (thoughts, feelings, beliefs and sensitivities)?


* What did I avoid or delay in my closest relationships this year?

* What was mirrored back to me in my relationships?

* Have I been living more in my masculine or feminine? Has this served me or did this serve others?

* What is the next step to move into a higher vibration of love with myself and my lover?


*How soft, loving & kind was I with myself this year – even in times of stress & busyness?

* Did I move into or away from the things that I feared?

* What people, resources, crystals, books, coaches, clothes, or environment do I want to evoke and shape my healing for the coming year?

* What toxic people, places, objects or apps have been draining my energy?


* Did I surround my senses with beauty unique to what my soul & body yearned for this year?

* What do I want my senses to feel, taste, touch, see, hear and perceive in the coming year?

* What objects made me feel sexual or sensual this year?

* What environment this year was conducive to me thriving as a beautiful human being?

* What was my most profound sexual experience this year? – Why was it profound – what did I contribute to make this experience a memorable one?

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