30 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Wedding

As perfect as most wedding photos seem, there’s a lot of chaos behind them. Kids causing mayhem and bridezillas going ballistic are just the tip of the iceberg. And what better way to sum up wedding fails than create a list of some of the funniest memes to scroll through when the (emotional) hangover hits after the ceremony? Scroll down to check out the entries and upvote your faves!




Getting your guests to honor the most ridiculous dress code is easy. If you lie to them.



Nothing is as real as a ring accompanied with the words “till death do us part.”



Making a wedding work is easier than making a marriage work. True, you still have to compromise, but it involves a lot more cake.




Wedding photos and photobombing go together better than groomsmen and awkward speeches.




Wedding DJs are a great way to add spice to any reception and break a few of your grandparents’ limbs.



Wedding ceremony seating basics: you are where you belong. And if you’re surrounded with children who are at least 20 years young, you are where you belong.



Wearing white to a wedding isn’t the only way to make enemies with the bride.




The perks of marrying someone involve having a person to split your life mistakes with.




If everyone took their duties as responsibly as a best man does, the economy would reach its peak before that one uncle gets wasted.



There’s a fine line between a reasonable woman and an emotional wreck who has no regard for human life, and it’s called a wedding.



I bet this couple went to a pizza place on their first date.




Kevin Hart knows that every family’s history book begins with a wedding photo.





The best guests are those who bring more guests. More guests who run around without their pants and smell like poop.



Wedding etiquette rules: the bride is always right. Also, the bride is always right.




If you want to marry someone you’ve known for a week, fly to Vegas. If you want to wait for the perfect person in the perfect place on the perfect day with a perfect perfect… Good luck.



Expectations and reality tend to differ. Especially during weddings.



Is everyone in the wedding business a thief? Or is every thief in the wedding business?



A wedding photographer is always a good investment.





If you fear you look bad in front of the wedding photographer, believe them when they say that they’ve seen a lot worse.











Cake can transform a bad wedding into a good one. And a good one into the perfect one. And the perfect one into… You knew where this is going, don’t you? Cake.









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