5 Annoying Things Your Body Does (Explained By Science)

Over the years, we’ve made serious bank explaining why you feel the things you feel, you emotionally stunted robot. These discussions have mostly focused on the good stuff, not least because this world is a trash fire and the more positivity we can spread, the better our morale for the inevitable Morlock uprising. But what about those annoying sensations — the weird pains, inexplicable dread, your complicated feelings for Dean Winchester? Science is on those too! For example …


Stubbing Your Toe Hurts So Much Because It’s Attacking A Bunch Of Nerves At Once

There’s no pain quite like twanging your funny bone or stubbing your toe. Which is weird when you think about it, considering that one of those parts is made of pure bone, while the other was put there by evolution to make your flaming spin-kicks even more devastating. By all rights, they should be some of the hardiest parts on the emaciated flesh bag that you call a body. So why aren’t they?

It comes down to nerves. Your toes, for instance, are packed with nerve endings known as nociceptors, which are responsible for creating the feeling of pain. Those suckers are everywhere, but unlike the rest of the body, your toes aren’t well-padded. Which means that any hit to your toes triggers an apocalyptic pain reaction.

Dr. Joseph Volker/Earth’s LabIt’s an intricate system highly evolved enough to alert you to any danger, but not evolved enough to keep from constantly slamming into the coffee table.

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