6 Actors Whose Favorite Roles Aren’t What You’d Guess

Reeves jumped at the chance to play ecclesiastic ICE enforcer John Constantine. Sadly, critics panned the movie, particularly Reeves’ deadpan, with one calling him a “wooden icon” (and not in the good Jesus way).

Warner Bros. Pictures“In this scene, you’re getting beaten up by magic gravity powers, so try to emote accordingly.”
“Got it. Blank-faced indifference it is.”

Yet Reeves considers Constantine the best character he’s ever played. He just loved the guy’s anger and relentless drive. In fact, Reeves is still such a fan that he wouldn’t mind dusting off the old rosary for a sequel.

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Badass Samuel L. Jackson’s Favorite Role Was Being A Loser Detective

Asking Samuel L. Jackson about his favorite role is like asking a toddler about their favorite animal. He’s starred in over 100 movies (and that’s in 2018 alone), with no signs of slowing down. He has been a Jedi, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., and motherlovin’ Shaft. But despite playing a dozen of the coolest characters to ever saunter onto our screens, he will always have time to reminisce about when he got to play a big ol’ nobody.

When asked to name his favorite characters by human BuzzFeed quiz Jimmy Fallon, Jackson picked Mitch Hennessy from 1996’s forgettable B-movie The Long Kiss Goodnight. So what makes Mitch more awesome than Nick Fury or any of his Tarantino badasses? Nothing whatsoever. A loser P.I. hired by Geena Davis’ amnesiac assassin, Mitch plays an in-over-his-head doormat who mostly winds up beaten and bloody while his partner does all the butt-kicking. And It couldn’t have been a fun shoot for Jackson either, since he seems to spend most of his time having to contemplate his life while lying naked in a basement …

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