A Brief History Of Khlo Kardashian’s Feud With ‘The Bachelorette’ Betches

With the entire mess that is Jordyn-Tristan-Khloé-Gate that was last week, poor Khloé hasn’t even had a minute to get her life together after her family blew up in flames. I take all of this bullsh*t as a personal insult because Khloé has long been my favorite and also, she just does not f*cking deserve this. We knew Tristan was a POS but it truly came out of left field that Kylie would be betrayed by her best friend/sugar baby. And Khloé treated this woman as a sister and let her star in her Good American ads! She is just trash. Throw them both away!

Okay, rant over. That said, Khloé is obviously going through a horrible breakup. She is dealing with a lot. She is probably not thinking about dating, likely ever again. But when the fog clears and she decides it’s time to move on with her life, would she be interested in doing The Bachelorette? Actually, I’m pretty sure we started this rumor.

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