Cracked’s Favorite 8 Movies Of September 2019

What’s best about Aniara, apart from the sleek design and clever special effects, is how seriously it charts out the What would this be like? process. I’ll never get lost in deep space (or at least, I don’t think I will), but after this movie, I’d know what to expect.

So maybe you’ve heard of it? The biggest grosser in the history of movies (Gone With The Wind races in, panting and shaking its fist, to cry out “Unadjusted for inflation!”), Joe and Anthony Russo have put together a staggering, satisfying heist picture conclusion to an unprecedented 22 connected films. It’s not crazy to suggest that Marvel consider walking away from the table now before everyone gets bored of superheroes, but, uh, did I mention how much money it made? It’s going to be a long time until they call it quits.

The home releases of Avengers: Endgame are as stuffed with extra features, and Amazon offers a streaming option packed with bonuses too. They total a whopping seven hours and three minutes, meaning even the stoutest comic book enthusiast will have to take at least a bathroom break. An already-famous deleted scene involves all of our heroes “taking a knee” when someone falls in battle. I’m not saying who; maybe you are one of the six people who haven’t seen the movie yet.

Walt Disney StudiosThough maybe two knees would’ve been more appropriate.

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