Man Tries To Explain What A Vagina Is To A Gynaecologist. It Does Not Go Well.


In a glorious and perhaps unparalleled act of mansplaining (and just good old fashioned not admitting when you’re wrong), a man on the Internet has tried to explain what a vagina is to a gynaecologist.

The Guardian recently tweeted their article about a photographer who takes portraits of vulvas, and the women who took part. 

A man on the Internet, as is their duty, saw this article and apparently thought to himself “I bet a woman who has taken 100 photographs of vulvas, and spoken in depth to their owners, doesn’t know what a vulva is”. He decided to jump into the comment section to “correct” her and the Guardian with his superior knowledge of what a vagina is, presumably based on the fact he once saw a vagina in a book.

No, no it isn’t.

Without proof or any idea what a vagina is, he jumped straight in and asserted that the correct word for vulva is vagina. The Internet patiently began to explain to him that the vulva is the parts of the female sex organs that are outside the body, as the dictionary would have told him.

Gloriously, one woman correctly told him he was mansplaining.

At which point he graciously apologized for his mistake and deleted his twee— ahhahaha no, he then mansplained mansplaining right back at her.

He. Just. Keeps. Going.

Eventually, a gynaecologist intervened, pointing him to a diagram and an article explaining the difference between the vulva and vagina, based on her experience of being a medically-trained professional who specializes in female genitalia.

At which point he finally gave up and admitt— ahahaha no, he doubled down with a five-part thread on why he, a man who doesn’t know what a vagina is, was right to call a vulva a vagina, and how the gynaecologist was incorrect.

If you’ve come across Dr Jen Gunter before (she’s great), you’ll know that she was not going to leave it there.

He has now received tens of thousands of replies, some polite, some less than polite, either explaining what a vagina is to him, or informing him that when half the Internet tells him not to correct women on terminology they use for their own genitalia, it might be best to call it quits.

So, of course, he is STILL going. 

And, to top it all off, he doesn’t believe any women disagreeing with his point about what a vagina is to be representative of women.

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