Meet Alex Backman, Mexico’s Very Own Alex Jones (Seriously)

Naturally, these outlandish claims and ramblings have reduced him to … having over a million YouTube subscribers, routinely getting over a million views on his videos, and often being talked about by the mainstream Mexican media (if only to call him out on his crap).

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Alexanderbackman.wordpress.comThese are not the chosen topics of a guy whom the news is going to treat with a lot of sympathy.

Now, like all good foreign adaptations, Backman had to make some tweaks to fit his audience. Much like how Taco Bell failed to convince Mexico that their offerings were actually food, Mexicans aren’t scared by some of the topics Jones uses to terrify his American viewers. The threat of the government seizing their guns, or mass shooting victims being “crisis actors”? Pfft, whatever. In fact, guns are so unpopular with law-abiding Mexicans that despite having their own constitutional right to bear arms, most simply aren’t interested in doing so. There’s only one legal gun store in the entire country, and most people aren’t even aware of its existence.

But if there’s one thing Mexicans fear more than school shootings and terrorist attacks, it’s earthquakes. While Americans are still haunted by 9/11, Mexicans have the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, which killed thousands of people and caused over $3 billion in damage. So while “scientists” are wasting their time analyzing plate tectonics, Backman visits some websites that monitor the sun while rambling about how sunspots, solar winds, and the alignment of the planets are causing earthquakes everywhere.

If you’re wondering why the government isn’t using this revolutionary method of “Google it” to predict earthquakes, that’s because the scientific consensus is, of course, that the activities of the sun have absolutely nothing to do with them. But that hasn’t stopped Backman from sounding off … and off, and off, until even the Mexican seismological service felt compelled to refute his nonsense. Backman responded by doubling down, claiming that the Mexican government has always had advance knowledge of earthquakes, but lets people die and buildings be destroyed because … evil? They love evil?

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