Tata Sky Brings Festive Discounts on Various Curated, Add-On Packs: Report

Tata Sky is celebrating this Diwali season with its subscribers by offering promotional discounts on select curated and add-on packs. The list of curated and add-on packs that have reportedly received the discounted prices includes various regional options, including the Bengali Smart, Hindi Starter, Kannada Malayalam Basic HD, and Malayalam Premium Sports English among various others. There are also discounts on add-on packs such as Kids Mini, Knowledge and Lifestyle, and Sports. These packs are available for as low as Rs. 22.71.

Under its promotional discount offers, Tata Sky is offering discounts on various curated packs. These packs include the Hindi Starter, Kannada Malayalam Basic, Kannada Malayalam Premium Sports English, Malayalam Metro, Tamil Kannada Basic, Telugu Malayalam Premium Sports English HD, and Telugu Smart among others, as reported by DreamDTH.

The Tamil Kannada Basic pack that is generally available at Rs. 383.50 along with NCF and tax is said to be on sale at Rs. 375.24. Similarly, the Bengali Smart pack is reportedly available with a promotional price of Rs. 211.06, down from Rs. 220. The Malayalam Metro pack that normally comes at Rs. 198.07 along with NCF and tax is said to be available at Rs. 191.

Pack Name Promotional Charge (Including NCF and tax) Original Charge (Including NCF and tax)
Tamil Kannada Basic 375.24 383.50
Telugu Kannada Basic 380.56 388.82
Telugu Malayalam Basic 366.10 377.90
Kannada Malayalam Basic 343.39 355.19
Telugu Malayalam Basic HD 493.54 497.08
Kannada Malayalam Basic HD 460.80 464.34
Tamil Premium Sports English 634.52 642.78
Telugu Premium Sports English 632.76 641.02
Malayalam Premium Sports English 593.35 601.61
Tamil Telugu Premium Sports English 738.35 754.87
Tamil Kannada Premium Sports English 706.91 731.69
Tamil Malayalam Premium Sports English 674.76 691.28
Telugu Kannada Premium Sports English 705.16 729.94
Telugu Malayalam Premium Sports English 683.62 711.94
Kannada Malayalam Premium Sports English 658.90 678.96
Hindi Starter 225.22 249.99
Telugu Smart 241.50 249.00
Tamil Smart 244.27 249.00
Malayalam Smart 218.14 225.00
Odia Smart 209.64 211.00
Marathi Smart 205.16 206.00
Bengali Smart 211.06 220.00
Telugu Malayalam Premium Sports Eng HD 992.16 995.70
Kannada Malayalam Premium Sports Eng HD 960.36 963.90
Tamil Metro 194.71 198.25
Telugu Metro 195.48 199.02
Kannada Metro 194.71 198.25
Malayalam Metro 191.00 198.07


Alongside the promotional discounts on curated packs, Tata Sky is reportedly offering various add-on packs at discounted prices. These packs include the Kids Mini that generally lists at Rs. 28.61 (including the tax) is reportedly on sale at Rs. 22.71. Similar is the case with the Sports HD that normally comes at Rs. 181.72 with tax is available at a promotional price of Rs. 171.11.

Pack Name Promotional Charge (Including NCF and tax) Original Charge (Including NCF and tax)
Kids Mini 22.71 28.61
Knowledge & Lifestyle 33.92 36.16
Knowledge & Lifestyle Mini 21.53 22.59
Sports 133.45 139.24
Kids Mini HD 39.23 45.13
Sports HD 177.11 181.72
Tamil Regional 100.40 109.84
Tamil Regional Mini 62.06 70.32
Telugu Regional 119.77 136.29
Telugu Regional Mini 71.39 87.91
Kannada Regional 98.35 114.87
Kannada Regional Mini 70.03 86.55
Malayalam Regional 58.05 69.85
Malayalam Regional Mini 42.71 54.51
Bengali Regional 50.97 67.49
Bengali Regional Mini 34.45 42.71
Odia Regional 39.53 47.79
Marathi Regional 45.07 53.33
Marathi Regional Mini 36.81 45.07
Tamil Regional HD 160.58 161.76
Malayalam Regional HD 87.43 90.97
Malayalam Regional Mini HD 68.55 72.09
Hindi Movies Mini 62.07 65.61
Hindi Entertainment Mini 48.62 73.40


The promotional offer is reportedly available for a limited period. Also, there are separate festive discounts by broadcasters such as Viacom18 and Sony Pictures Networks India on their respective channel packs.

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