The Dirty, Sexy Secret Of The Berenstain Bears

But really, weren’t they just young artists trying to make their way in a competitive field? Surely that 1967 book they put out called Our Honeymoon: A Photo Album With A Humorous Commentary wasn’t a collection of photos documenting their hirsute Kama Sutra pretzeling in a suite at some Niagara Falls hotel. Today, Jan and Stan’s son Mike is responsible for the fate of the preachy bear family, so there’s probably little chance of any freewheeling smut from the Summer of Love surreptitiously surfacing. Although we can’t really vouch for the mental state of someone who grew up with parents teaching him every uncomfortable subject under the sun using cognitively deficient hillbilly alpha predators.

Random HouseIn this version, the dad is merely imagining the illustration of mom’s ova under assault from his plundering spermatozoa.

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